Psychological Effects Due to Technology Evolution

Technology has been continuously evolving rapidly and converting people into cyborgs. Advancement in technology influences changes the way people think, communicate, and make decisions as well as their interactions. By the year 2066, technology will be very advanced, and many changes in psychological behavior will be experienced. This story is about a typical school day for Clara, a teenager, in 2066. It shows how technology will influence her into making bad decisions, corrupt her attention, affect her emotions as well as contribute to her violent nature.

It is going to be a busy day for Clara. She has a remedial class to attend in the afternoon and proceed to a party later in the evening. Before leaving for school, Clara logs into her social media accounts. She sees her friend’s clothes which make her decide to change hers and, therefore, has to decide between going to school and shopping for new clothes. Clara decides to attend remedial class to avoid punishment but while in the class shop in the online stores which now deliver goods within minutes due to technological advancement.

While in class, Clara is not attentive since all her concentration is on the internet shopping. Apart from shopping, Clara has developed an iDisorder characterized by always checking her messages and updating on social media platforms. This further draws her attention away from class work. After the class, her clothes are delivered, and she heads to the party. Clara realizes that she cannot find her phone. She then suffers the feeling of an emotional loss since she was connected to all the data stored in her phone. In reaction to the loss, she becomes violent and cause mayhem, as the movie she had last watched on 3D movie theater near her home.